Who we are

Team Bath Drones was founded in 2015 as a competitor for the IMechE UAS Challenge. Since then we have entered a new aircraft each year with great success. Each year we start from scratch, first as a paper design exercise in our 3rd year, and then as a voluntary team in our final years. Our expertise covers the complete design, manufacture and testing of autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Our History

2015 - Stingray

The first Team Bath Drones aircraft was Stingray, an autonomous blended wing body aircraft with a V-tail. With a top speed of 60kts, Stingray was able to quickly and accurately deliver humanitarian aid to autonomously identified targets over a range of 10 nautical miles.

2016 - Skyseeker

Skyseeker was a flying wing aircraft that competed in the IMechE UAS Challenge 2016. Designed with simplicity and aerodynamic efficiency in mind, Skyseeker was able to autonomously identify targets and deliver its payload accurately over great distances.

2017 - Artemis

Artemis featured steerable landing gear, multifunctional drag rudder/airbrakes, and a modular propulsion system. Its aerodynamic efficiency, intelligent control systems and lightweight structure allowed it to deliver its 2kg payload fully autonomously with incredible ease and speed, making it the Grand Champion at the IMechE UAS Challenge 2017, as well as taking home the Design and Innovation awards.